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Weight                             Rate

1 – 49#                             $21  +  outdoor time  (see below for outdoor options)

50 – 99#                           $24  +  outdoor time  (see below for outdoor options)

100 – 149#                       $27  +  outdoor time  (see below for outdoor options)

150 - 199#                        $30  +  outdoor time  (see below for outdoor options)

200 - 249#                       $33 + outdoor time   (see below for outdoor options)

Our lodging rate includes the room, bed, blanket, and maid service.

Outdoor time is required for the emotional and physical well-being of each pet. It is not included in our lodging rate which gives you the flexibility to create a personalized schedule for your pet's needs. Feel free to mix and match any of our three options listed below! We DO take your pet outside, but you decide what outdoor options you want your pet to have.

Outdoor options:

Potty Breaks (10 minutes) - $4 each (the second pet from the same family goes out for free, additional pets $1 each). Your dog will go out to potty and then return to his/her room after approximately 10 minutes outside in one of our large fenced-in yards.  If you choose only this option you are required to do at least 2 per day, but you can do as many as you would like.

Personal Play Times - (20 minutes) $8 each (the second pet from the same family goes out for free, additional pets $1 each). Personal Play Times (a pet and play session) are with a person, not with other dogs. The personal play times are in a very large yard with lots of room to play. Even if your dog doesn't play it is good for his emotional and physical well-being to spend time outside.  We do play times every day of the week, as many as you would like.

Doggy Day Camp – This is group play with other dogs approximately the same age, size, and temperament. You may do full days or half days and you may alternate if you prefer. Full days are available Monday through Friday and half days on Saturday and Sunday. See our Doggy Day Camp page for more details.

Full Day Doggy Day Camp while lodging - $20

Half Day Doggy Day Camp while lodging - $16

Additional dogs from the same family get a discount on full days of Doggy Day Camp - $16 for a full day .

See our Doggy Day Camp page for Doggy Day Camp rates when not lodging.

Cats and Other Small Pets (birds, bunnies, ferrets, guinea pigs, pot-belly pigs, etc.) $20

Diets: We require all pet owners to bring their own food in individual ziploc bags for each feeding with their pet's first and last name on the bag. This policy is for the well-being of your pets to eliminate upset stomachs due to changing food. If you make the decision to have us feed our food to your pets there will be a $2.50 per meal charge for Fromm Gold dog or cat food or you may purchase a bag of our food and take home any leftovers. Any special diets other than dry kibble may incur an extra fee. No open food bags can be accepted per the NC Dept. of Agriculture. If you are boarding multiple pets in the same suite, there is an additional $2 per meal fee for each pet that has to be separated for feeding.

Vet Visits - $50

Pet Taxi - We offer transportation for your pets if you need us to pick them up or bring them home. See our Pet Taxi page.

See Amenities page for other fun and yummy options available. 

Multi Pet Discount – Pets from the same family that room together receive a $1.00 per pet per day discount.

Pets of different species may not room together.

We love our furry friends with special needs and we are experienced in caring for them. However, there is an additional $5 per day fee for any pet that requires special handling by a manager only.

Major Holidays - You are committed to paying for the number of nights you actually book unless you change your dates 7 days prior to check in. We have saved the room for your pet and turned other pets away. Please be considerate and make any changes to your dates 7 days prior to your check in.

See our Policies regarding DEPOSITS and other charges.


We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. There is a $5 minimum for any credit card transactions. Due to high fees from our credit card merchant, we are offering a new incentive program for customers willing to pay with cash or check. For every $500 you pay in cash or check we will place a $5 credit on your account. THINK: one 20 day Doggy Day Camp pass is $405-you would be almost to your first credit! We urge everyone to begin paying with cash or check to help avoid a rate increase to cover the merchant's fees. 

*All rates are subject to change at any time.