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We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing quality care for your family pets entrusted to us.  We have been in business since 2005. Our love for pets and the need for quality pet care, including Doggy Day Care, is what contributed to us purchasing what used to be the Durham Boarding Kennel. The acres of outdoor space, huge guest rooms, and our vision for the utmost in pet care has made Sunny Acres the best pet resort in the Triangle.  

Our devoted pet-loving staff places your pet’s security, safety, well-being, and welfare above all. We deal honestly and fairly with our customers along with a commitment to excellent service. We accept the serious responsibility involved in the care of your beloved pets which are always treated with kindness, love and given personal attention. Pets are family and that’s how we treat yours.

We encourage responsible pet ownership and support many pet rescues. We give discounts to any rescue groups needing our services. We allow rescue groups to use our facility for adoption events and other rescue related activities free of charge. Several members of our staff actively volunteer in rescue and animal welfare.

We obey all applicable Federal, State, and local laws governing animal care and business practices. 

You can usually find us at Sunny Acres, 919 383-4238, but if we can do anything to make your stay more enjoyable please don’t hesitate to contact us personally. Below you will find our cell phone numbers. But please try to reach us first at Sunny Acres main number, 919 383-4238

Donna 919 280-6708

Caroline 919 280-6793

Allison 919 830-2896

Kyle 919 448-6116