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You can customize the attention your pets receive to ensure their every need is met. Outdoor time is required for the emotional and physical well-being of each pet. Personal Playtimes, Potty Breaks, and Doggy Day Camp may be combined if you like. It is not included in our basic boarding rate because we have 3 options. We do take your pet outside, but you decide what outdoor options you want your pet to have.

Personal Playtimes $7.50 (20 minutes)

Personal playtimes are with a person, not with other dogs. The personal playtimes are in a very large yard with lots of room to play. We recommend signing up for personal playtimes, even if your pet is old. Not every dog wants to play, but signing up for a playtime gives your pet a change of scenery, fresh air and additional personal attention. During playtime some dogs want to play fetch, some want to race around and burn off energy, some want to cuddle and most just want to sniff and pee on things. A personal playtime is the best $7.50 you could spend on your dog. It improves your pet’s emotional and physical well-being while he is boarding. You may sign your pet up for as many personal playtimes per day as you would like. Additional dogs in the same family boarding together go out for free on personal playtimes and potty breaks. Personal playtimes are also available for  cats and all other small pets indoors.

Potty Breaks $3.75 (10 minutes)

Potty Breaks are with a person. Your pet is taken outside to a fenced-in yard and let off leash for approximately 10 minutes. You may do as many as you want each day.

Stuffed Kong (peanut butter or cheese) $5.00

TV/Sofa Time $7.50 (20 minutes of cuddle and petting time in our TV room with a staff member)

Frosty Paws (dog ice cream treat) $3.00

Email or text a photo $5.00

Bottled water – $5 a day

Good Night Tuck in with bedtime story – $7.50

Pet Taxi – see our Pet Taxi page if you require transportation for your pets. 

We also offer Grooming and Day Camp

*Rates are subject to change at any time